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   Set forth below are a list of books related to the subject matters of the museum collections, with links to where those books may be purchased or viewed as appropriate, Though I make no representations regarding same, I will include my own brief reviews of those works i have read.

   If you know of a book you feel should be listed here, feel free to share that information. Thank you and enjoy.

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I Flew For the Fuhrer Per USAAF pilot Art Heiden when describing air to air combat between escorts and interceptors over Europe, "As a good source regarding From the German side, let me recommend Heinz Knoke's "I Flew for the Fuhrer", this is the best I've found.

The Lancaster Story - "I would recommend to you that you beg borrow, steal or even in extreme curcumstances purchase a book called The Lancaster Story by Peter Jacobs it is distributed in the USA by Sterling Publishing CO Inc 387 Park Avenue South, New York it's ISBN is 1 85409 288 8 it is a very fine book and gives much detail of the history and operational types of Lancasters I was given the book by one of Phyllis's brothers and treasure it greatly." - Reg Miles, RAF

Life in CCC Camps of New Hampshire - "I would like to suggest a book you should include with the CCC section: Builder of Men by David D. Draves which is, "Life in CCC Camps of New Hampshire. Excellent source of info!" Joe Cornelius.

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