Biography of Alton and Mildred Blanche

Enrollees, Winnebago, Nebraska

   The CCC's were far from being "uniform" across the country or even camp to camp. The Indians had their own operations and those working in Alaska were more like "regular employees" in some cases. I know of one fellow (just recently passed on) that was hired in Alaska by the project superintendent because he needed someone who could drive a truck. Ordinarily it was the job of the Department of Labor to do the "recruiting". In the Indian service one person, a female, was enrolled as a CCCer because she was making out supply requsitions and handing out the tools to the CCC workers. We, of NACCCA, consider her to be the only female CCCer ever employed. Her name was Mildred Blanche. She worked in the CCC's from 1936 to 1938 in Winnebago, Nebraska. Her husband, Alton also worked in the CCCs.

----- Bob Robeson


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