Biography of "Joe" Giuseppe A. Siciliano

S/Sgt, 646th Bmb Sqdn, 410th Bmb Grp, 9th AF

















TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1944 - My first boat trip. First day of spring and snow on the ground. We left Camp Kilmer, N J at 6:30 a.m. got on the train then on to a ferry crossed a river. Off from the ferry onto the boat. It was a large ship named Saturnia. That was 10:00 a.m. Met a few of the crew had an ITALIAN meal. Boat went on a trial run up the sound, and was back in the morning.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1944 - My second day on the boat and it is still docked and loading. Got more acquainted with the crew. We were fed two meals and both were terrible. Frankforts and boiled potatoes.

THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1944 - We pulled away from the dock early this morning. I think we are on our way. We left about 5:30 a.m. Around mid morning we joined a large convoy off shore. I should say about 20 to 30 ships. Including aircraft carrier and a blimp. It was a misty and cloudy and bit cold. Tonight I had another Italian meal.

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1944 - Was on K.P. this day the sea was kinda of rough and quite a few boys were sea sick.

SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1944 - It was a swell day and the sea was calm. We received a kit from the Red Cross. Some of the boats of the convoy had a gunnery practice. Had another Italian meal tonight.

SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 1944 - Another swell day and the water is still calmer. It was sure swell up on deck. My first Sunday at sea, nothing exciting else to write. We had no Catholic priest aboard.

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1944 - Done K.P. again. It was a nice day but the sea was getting rough. At night it got the roughest of the trip so far. I forgot to write previous about every morning at 01:00 we put the time an half ahead. It must of started last wednesday or thursday. The food is terrible, the only thing they can do with meat is boil, they have no means of frying or roasting.

TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1944 - 10:30 p.m. and hitting the bunk. The sea was really rough today. Took things easy today. Had dinner and supper with an Italian crew saw a movie tonight upstairs in the lounge. Read a book, putting our clocks 1/2 hour ahead tonight.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1944 - 10 minutes past nine tonight we put our watches 1/2 hour ahead. Was a bit cold today - got up late. Had 2 Italian meals again today. It looks like we will never get there and never seen so much water. It is getting a bit dragging.

THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1944 - Done K.P. again. Met Capt. Cape this afternoon first time of the trip. It was really rough today. We get fed twice a day. In the evening G.I.'s put on a show. Mailed a letter today.

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1944 - 12:10 a.m. we put our time 1/2 hour ahead again. I guess we are getting near, some say Monday or Tuesday. It wasn't a bad day, not so rough. Had dinner and supper with the Italian crew. Gave Tony my address if he gets to New York. He may look them, up read and slept part of the day.

SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1944 - 9:10 p.m. just saw another movie tonight. Had 2 more meals with Italian crew. Little cold mist and fog today. They saw an English plane, don't know how true, read most of the day and took things easy. K.P. tomorrow.

SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 1944 - K.P. again. It wasn't to bad Italian cook made spaghetti, it was really good. Washed clothes then attended a show. I have to say two rosaries tonight because I didn't say it last Sunday, they have no Catholic priest so they have a rosary service. 10:30 p.m. hitting the hay. I hope to see land tomorrow.

MONDAY, APRIL 3, 1944 - They sighted land around 4:30 a.m. took a shower around 11:30 a.m. then saw land for the first time this trip 2:30 p.m. still don't know where I am they pulled anchored and moved to a port. Port full of war ships and subs. Had 2 meals with Italian crew. 10:30 p.m. and not sleepy.

TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1944 - 9:30 p.m. and I am on a train Gronrock, Scotland bound for ??? Packed this morning to disembark the Saturnia had my last meal with Italian crew at noon. Left the Saturnia at 6:45 p.m. onto a smaller vessel then to a railroad station at Gron. Scot. Looked at the Saturnia at a distance, quite a large vessel. Had coffee and donuts at station. Tomorrow ??? Have K rations now.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1944 - 8:45 p.m. - and arrived at Master Key station, town of Wessing at 5:00 p.m. Was on the train all night and during the day scenery was beautiful green grass and gardens. Houses are ancient type. Had my first English beer at a "Pub" am staying in a hut with 16 buddies. Am about 10 miles from Colchester.

THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1944 - Done nothing much today. Went to Colchester. Met an English Wac. Not a bad town but sure dark when blacked out. Pubs closed at 10:00 p.m. also dance stopped at 10:00 p.m. was in civil police station until 1:30 a.m. because 3 whites and 1 colored boy were cut up by knifes. Awful mess of colored boys and white girls going together around this section. Going to class tomorrow.

FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1944 - Got up late for classes listened to lectures. Were secretly told to us. Surely getting interesting. Went to classes 7 hours. Took things easy at night.

SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. have to get use to getting early again. Was to school and lectures all day. Then had another class after supper. Was to confession, tomorrow is Easter. Bunked at 11:00 no passes for us for 10 days.

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 1944 - Up at 6:30 a.m. school again today. Went to mass at 5:30 p.m. Had communion. We had chicken for supper. Sure miss the Easter activities.

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1944 - Nothing much today. Lectures and classes. Wrote at few letters at night.

TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 1944 - Up at 6:00 again. Class and lectures. Saw colored soldiers with 2 white girls. That situation is got to be bad. Have to wash clothes tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 1944 - Lectures and classes again. At 7:30 p.m. and just threw washing clothes and showering. Took things easy tonight and write a few letters still restricted.

THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1944 - Classes and lecture again today not much today but had a interesting lecture from a New Zealander R.A.F. 11:00 p.m. I think I'll hit the sack. Oh yes our B4 and B3 bags arrived today.

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1944 - As usual classes and lectures today. This field is named Birch Field. A new field.

SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1944 - Col. gave us saturday night off and went to town at Colchester. Again met the English Wacs.

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1944 - It is about time caught up with my Diary. It is 7:00 p.m. They had no service today here at the new field. I'll say my rosary before I go to bed. Up at 5:00 a.m. sacked and ready for roll call. Left at 9:00 a.m. got to our perm. base at 10:30 a.m. got unpacked so here it is 7:00 p.m. going to shave and leisure around. This is Gosfield in between Halstead and Braintree.

MONDAY, APRIL 17, 1944 - Left for London today at 2:00 p.m. Finally got in London at 4:15 p.m. Saw the bomb sights. Rode double decker buses. Landed in a "Pub" bar room and 5 GI's... ... ... I had... ... ... ... drank mixture of beer, whiskey, rum, and scotch. Visited 3 or 4 Pubs ended up in.. ... Sure was a rough time... ... ... land in Red Cross at 7:00 a.m. and slept until 10:00 a.m.

TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1944 - Walked around, took train back for base at 1:00 p.m. So here it is Tuesday 4:30 p.m. and tired. Hit the bed at 9:00 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1944 - Could not get up early this morning. Had a sore throat. Had first experience of hearing Jerrys. Heard sirens, then thump of explosions and ack ack. Was close about 6 miles from here, around 2:00 a.m. Washed loads of clothes and recuperating from London trip. Hit the hay at 10:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1944 - Helped to put up the mess hall today. Blocks of stone were heavy. Took things easy at night. Up early in the morning.

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1944 - Up at 4:30 a.m. went to Clacton by the sea. We fired turret fifties to a air target and hand held fifty. Nothing new, write letters and hit the hay early.

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1944 - Was to take a photo in civilian clothes. I think it is a passport in case forced down in enemy territory. Then was assigned a bicycle, and had some fun trying to learn how to ride it. Fell a few times. Rode out to the line saw the new planes. Now 10:30 p.m. and will write a few letters.

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1944 - Up to the line again and school at 1:00 p.m. Was to go to church at 5:15 but no priest came so had supper and went to Braintree and went to theatre.

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1944 - Up at 6:30 a.m. then to the line and cleaned guns. School at 1:00 p.m. Code + Blinker worked until 1:00 p.m. at night cleaning guns. Sure tired tonight.

TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1944 - Had gas mask tested early this morning. Out to the line after. Plane ready to fly. School 1 to 3 then to line. Met the skipper (Capt. Cape) and Yount, chatted for awhile. May fly tomorrow. Wash clothes and hit the hay at 9:00 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 1944 - Just another day. To the line and school. Still have no name for airplane. Went to dance at night.

THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1944 - Up at 6:30 a.m. To the line at 8:00 have not flown yet. School at 1:00 p.m. Went to the base theatre.

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1944 - To the line in morning. Not much doing. They had a practice mission, but was scrubbed. Went to town (Braintree) had a few drinks, but town is dead.

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1944 - Nothing usual. School and then to the line. Had a sqdn. meeting at 7:00 p.m. took things easy at night.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. had a good breakfast. School then to the line right after chow was put on the alert for the first time. It may be the real thing. We went to the channel, about 10 to 15 miles from coast of France. Sure was hot and heavy with all the clothing and flak suit. Was up for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Capt. Cape, Yount, and I crew.

MONDAY, MAY 1, 1944 - Pay day. Made S/Sgt. Nothing much today. Went to the line. Planes went up on a mission, but came back weather closing. Alert for next mission.

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1944 - No entry made

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1944 - Nothing usual yesterday. School and on the line. Flew bomb practice. Our group went on its first real mission nobody hurt or battle damage.

THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1944 - On the alert for a mission. Weather keeping us down. Went to mass at 4:30.

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1944 - Nothing doing today just waiting until weather breaks, still on the alert.

SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1944 - Still on the alert. School and waiting for break in weather maybe we will go tomorrow.

SUNDAY, MAY 7, 1944 - Finally awaken at 5:45 a.m. to go up on mission. Was briefed at 7:00 a.m. of at 9:00 a.m. Target was locomotive repair shop. Saw France for first time around 9:45 a.m. We circled target 3 or 4 times. Clouds 10/10. No flak. Sure a long mission, no bombs dropped. 1st and 3 hour mission. Capt. Cape W/O Reisman, Yount and I. Alert for tomorrow France.

MONDAY, MAY 8, 1944 - Up again at 5:45 briefed at 7:00 target was marshalling yards connecting Germany and Belgium. Passed Brussels, another long ride. Took off at 9:00 a.m. Had flak, one ship hit, no one hurt. Could not see target clouds 10/10 Capt. Cape, W/O Reisman, Yount and I for crew. No bombs dropped 2nd, 3 hour mission Belgium.

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1944 - Up at 5:30 a.m. and briefed and etc. Same target as yesterday. Sure was a long ride. Some say we hit German territory. Plenty of flak, a few ships hit, 3rd mission and 3 hours. Belgium. Up again at 5:30 p.m. a no ball target. A short run in French coast. Some flak but a little off. 4th and 2 1/2 hour mission. France.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 1944 - Up at 5:30 a.m. briefed and etc. at 7:00 a.m. Another marshalling yard. No flak. Took pictures of target. One engine really missed over France. Terrible ride. Ship from another sqdn. Lt. Goodchild, Yount, and I crew. 5th and 2 1/2 hour mission. Sure tired after that mission hit the sack early. Belgium.

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1944 - Up at 5:30 a.m. briefed at 7:00 target was a airfield but something went screwy. Went off coarse so we turned back about 40 to 70 miles in France. We had flak, one piece hit right wing. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I crew. Hit no target but saw a B-26 alone going out and sure got quite alot of flak. 6th and 2 3/4 mission. Then got a 2 day pass and off to London. France.

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1944 - In London.

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1944 - Back at noon and flying called off so going to take things easy.

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1944 - Mothers Day and done nothing. No flying, bad weather. Went to mass at 4:30 boys went on a mission this morning. Was to go this afternoon but was called. I think I am up in the morning.

MONDAY, MAY 15, 1944 - Easy day.

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1944 - Easy day.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1944 - Easy day.

THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1944 - Easy day. Holy day went to mass.

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 1944 - Was called to go on mission in the afternoon. Went on a no ball target. 3 planes went first and I was on one of them, and threw out window. Plenty of flak. Capt. Weiser, Yount, and I for crew. 7th and 2 1/4 hour mission. France.

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1944 - Nothing much today weather bad.

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 1944 - Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. weather still bad went to Braintree at night.

MONDAY, MAY 22, 1944 - Up for a mission this morning but it is a stand down. Went to school. Mission at evening briefed at 5:00 p.m. Bombed a hanger at airport near Dreaux. Good bombing, very little flak. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I. Was in 1st box deputy. 8th and 3 hour mission.

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1944 - Up at 5:30 a.m. for mission was briefed and waited at plane weather was bad. Mission scrubbed up again at 4:30 p.m., then scrubbed. On loading list again for morning mission.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1944 - Up at 5:45 a.m. briefed and etc. target was airport at Beaumont. Had to dive at least 2500' near English coast, another plane came near on top. Bomb target was good. 9th and 3 1/2 hour mission. Lt. Baublitz, Yount, and I for crew. Went up again at night. Briefed and etc. for target at Abbeville, suppose to be a tough spot for flak. Bombs dropped on target. Lead 3rd box, of 14 planes. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount, and I. 10th mission of 2 1/2 hour. Sure tired at night.

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1944 - No flying weather, had nothing much besides school.

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1944 - School. Boys went up in the afternoon. Inspected by 9th Air Force.

SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1944 - Up early to clean guns, and school this morning. Up to go this afternoon. Was scratched. Mission was rough. Lt. Robinson, Schendel and Crovens went down in France. Hope they are safe. Sheatzley K.I.A. in afternoon mission. Sure was a tough day for missions.

SUNDAY, MAY 28, 1944 - Went up with Maj. Parrett today briefed and etc. Just as we went in go flaked and a shell went through bombay doors up to bombay tanks and through radio hatch on top. Gas leaked through and in through gunners bottom hatch, sure thought we were going down. One engine went also and came back with 4 Spits across the channel. Land on emergency field on English coast. Flak was sure heavy, first three ships hit. We made it all right, nobody hurt, quite an experience, very miraculous coming through it o.k. Led 1st box Maj. Parrett, Lt. Jones, Yount and I for crew. 11th and 2 hour mission.

MONDAY, MAY 29, 1944 - Went on a mission this morning target we fuel dump at Achiet, N. of Paris. Was on a airfield. Little flak. Good hit, lead ship 2nd box. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. 12th and 3 1/2 hour mission. Went on pass in the afternoon.

TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1944 - In London.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1944 - Went on sight seeing tour of London. Came back at noon, was paid. Went to dance at night.

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1944 - Weather bad no flying. Went to the church for mass. Went to Braintree at night.

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1944 - Went to school in the morning. On a mission in the afternoon. Received a terrible letter from Jo. Briefed and etc. at 4:30 went on a terrible mission. No ball target and over Abbeville plenty of flak, ship got hit. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. 13th and 2 1/2 hour mission. Up again tomorrow with Maj. Coddington.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1944 - No flying this morning. Went to Sheatzley funeral in Cambridge this afternoon. Then went to Chelmsford at night. Boys went up this afternoon. Plenty of flak encountered. Was to go up in the morning.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 1944 - Standdown all day. Took pictures of the crew this afternoon. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I no more passes from today on. Air Force is giving whiskey rations to combat crews. Going to mass then take this easy.

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 1944 - School in morning, then went to the line in afternoon, the ships were painted white and black stripes. Restriction started no one let out of base. No flying today.

TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1944 -"D-DAY" Invasion started at 1:00 a.m. and we knew it 7:00 a.m. Boys sure happy about it. Was finally called to go on a mission. Briefed and and etc. Was to be a long mission. Went over channel and saw loads of invasion boats, quite a sight. Bombed a bridge crossing at Carentan. Mission was first to go over invasion territory. Good bombing used wing bombs. Bomb at 3500 ft. and could feel of bomb burst. 14th and 3 1/4 hour mission. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1944 - Boys went up late last night. Went near Abbeville had tough time. Flak and small guns. Lt. Goodchild, Preston and Sanford went down in France. No report of them yet. Hope they are safe. Awaken at 4:00 a.m. to go up. Briefed and etc. Off at 7:45 a.m. Long mission to bomb a RR bridge near Carentan. Went over in coast over invasion. Saw gliders tugged into coast of France. Bombing good. Invasion getting along slow. Weather bad 15th and 3 hour mission. Lt. Col. Dahlberg, Yount and I for crew. Bombed at 2000'. Briefed at 6:30 p.m. target RR conjunction near Lessay. Saw same as this morning. Lt. Anderson, Yount and I for crew. 16th and 3 hour mission.

THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1944 - Up at 5:00 a.m. briefed at 6:00 a.m. took off at 7:30. Target was cross roads at Lessay. Bombed at 4000 ft. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Lead ship in first box 17th and 2 3/4 hour mission. Boys went up, came back because of bad weather.

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1944 - On loading list to go up with Lt. Nicholson. Bad weather keeping us down. Took things easy today. Was up to be briefed but was scrubbed.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1944 - Up at 3:00 a.m. Eat and briefed and etc. at 4:30 a.m. Took off at 6:00 a.m. Another long mission. Target was town of Coutances. Saw Lt. McSwain plane go down in channel, wing was burning. No report of crew yet. Bombing excellent. Lt. Nicholson, Yount and I for crew. 18th and 3 hour mission. Good ride for a wingman may have to go up tonight. Went to bed early tonight.

SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 1944 - Up at 4:45 a.m. eat and briefed and etc. took off at 7:00 a.m. Another long mission to bomb RR at La Haye du Puit. Weather bad at target 10/10 clouds, turned around and tried to go under clouds. Clouds were to low, were flying about 200 ft from ground, went in a few miles, saw American cars and troops, then turned back. No bombs dropped. 19th and 3 hour mission. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led the 2nd box. No flying for rest of day.

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1944 - Easy day. Weather not so good. Cleaned guns this afternoon. Claim is made that Della Posta found dead from channel water exposure. Mailen not heard from yet? Nor from Lt. McSwain. Went to town Chelmsford. Restriction lifted.

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1944 - Did no flying today. Boys went up at night. Mail coming slow. Up for tomorrows mission.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 1944 - Up at 4:20 a.m. no time for chow. Briefed and etc. at 5:00 a.m. Took off at 6:15 a.m. Bombed a village "Vire" located below St Lo. Bombing excellent. cold up there this morning. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led the 1st box. 20th and 2 3/4 hour mission. Went to dance at night.

THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1944 - Got up late was on a loading list for afternoon mission. Got a few letters at last. Was briefed at 4:00 p.m. target was fuel and ammunition dump in a forest Ardianne. Near Champsecret, east of La Ferte Mace. Had a little inaccurate flak going in. Enemy territory over 30 minutes. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led the 2nd box. 21st and 3 1/4 hour mission. P-38 were dive bombing target also.

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1944 - Up at 6:30 a.m. Was briefed at 7:30 a.m. Was a stand down for awhile. Then called to go up again. Was to fly with Capt. Paulson. Waited all day to fly, but weather held us down. 10/10 clouds. Up to go up tomorrow.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1944 - Was briefed early. After briefing stand down came. Took things easy all day. Boys went up at night. Up for morning mission.

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 1944 - Awaken at 4:30 a.m. briefed at 5:00 a.m. to bomb ammo dump at Champsecret near Le Ferte Mace. Was delayed for 2 hours by weather. Took off after and clouds were heavy over target but dropped bombs. Made 3 passes over target. Bombing good. Saw convoy of battleships and cruisers on channel. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led the 2nd box. 22nd and 3 1/2 hour mission. Attended mass at 4:30 p.m.

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1944 - Was to fly this morning but stand down all day and tomorrow. Had pass, went to London until wednesday.

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1944 - In London.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21. 1944 - Had a good time in London. Did not fly in afternoon. Was to fly in morning mission but was stand down. Boys went up in afternoon.

THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1944 - Not on morning mission, so took things easy until. Up in afternoon. Was briefed at 6:00 p.m. took off at 7:30 p.m. Target was ammo dump at Champsecret, same as before near edge of woods. Bombing good Capt. Paulson, W/O Rienman, Hanes and I for crew. 23rd and 3 1/2 hour mission. Up to go in morning mission.

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1944 - Did not fly today bad weather. Stand down tomorrow.

SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1944 - Stand down. Got up late, we had to mark all our clothing. Went to Colchester at night.

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 1944 - Boys went up this morning. On next loading list. Was briefed and etc. at 1:00 p.m. Took off at 2:30 p.m. Target was RR bridge at Chartres and Dreaux. Long ride bombing excellent. Got some flak at target. Ship had a few holes from flak. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. 24th and 3 1/4 hour mission.

MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1944 - Stand down today. Marking more clothes. Went to Chelmsford at night.

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 1944 - Stand down again today. Got up late today. Flew with Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien on practice bombing mission, up for and hour or so. Went to base theatre at night.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1944 - Up late today. Nothing much doing today. Went to dance at Aero Club.

THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1944 - Was called at 10:00 a.m. to fly with Capt. Cape, Yount and I, went little out of English coast to fire guns at low level. Went to mass at 4:30. Was up for 2 1/2 hours. Went to base theatre at night.

FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1944 - Pay day. Was scheduled to fly with Capt. Weiser briefed at 3:00 p.m. Took off at 5:00 p.m. Long ride to west of Paris to bomb town of Conde-Sur-N. We had a pathfinder of B-26. Clouds 10/10 we dropped bombs. Capt. Weiser, Lt. Landon, Yount and I for crew. Led 2nd box. 25th and 3 1/2 hour mission.

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1944 - Done nothing much today. Turn in overcoat, field jacket, and blouse, ties, leggings. Boys went up at 6:00 p.m. Fixed my battle jacket. Going to base theatre.

SUNDAY, JULY 2, 1944 - Stand down. Easy day. Went to mass and communion in afternoon browse around at night.

MONDAY, JULY 3, 1944 - Not scheduled to fly in morning mission. Was raining in morning. Was put on afternoon loading list. Still raining in afternoon. Shots today and they make me sick. Went to show at night.

TUESDAY, JULY 4, 1944 - Was scheduled to fly this morning call at 5:00 a.m. to be briefed. Still feel terrible about the shots. Was ready to go up but a stand down until 4:00 p.m. Another list was put up. Finally met my brother at night at 6:30 p.m. sure glad to see him. Took him around the camp and showed him the planes and etc. Saw the U.S.O. show at night. My brother slept here in my hut. He had a friend with him named Frenchy.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1944 - My pass started this noon. My brother drove me to London. We had dinner together, he left around 2:00 p.m. We sure talked and I hated to see him leave.

THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1944 - In London.

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1944 - Had a nice time in London. Met Ray a swell kid. Got drunk in afternoon, but sober up for evening, went to dance at Convent Gardens, a swell place, girl band plays there.

SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1944 - Called at 4:15 a.m. to be briefed and etc. Was to bomb road, and RR junction at Caen to help ground troops. Took off at 6:50 a.m. Was over target and clouds were 10/10 very difficult to bomb. Returned back. Sure wish we could have bombed to help troops on ground. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. 26th and 2 1/2 hour mission. Went to base theatre at night.

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 1944 - Not flying this morning. Boys went up. Went to mass in afternoon. Saw one of those flying bombs around 9:00 p.m. Circle around then dropped about a few miles from the base quite a concussion. Quite a sight to see the bomb, small wing span, and fire coming out from the tail. Could see it plain above us. Up for tomorrows mission with Capt. Paulson.

MONDAY, JULY 10, 1944 - My sister "Marie" birthday. Was to fly with Capt. Paulson this morning. Awaken at 4:00 a.m. and partcially briefed. Then was scrubbed. Hit the sack early.

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1944 - Got up late this morning, up on loading list for afternoon mission. Was briefed and etc. at 1:00 p.m. To bomb German Hgrs. a few miles in. Le Treport 10/10 clouds over target so we had pathfinder B-26. Windows thrown from front 3 ships. Dropped bombs, no flak. Came out near Cayeaux. Target was near Gamoches. Same crew Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I 27th 3 hour mission. Went to base theatre at night.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 1944 - Up early in the morning. Cleaned up barracks Lt. Col. was to inspect. Was to fly with Lt. Wethe. Pitto was grounded was briefed and etc. at 4:00 a.m. Was to help ground troops, to bomb gun emplacement. Went up in 1/2 of first box got up then recalled. Then briefed again was to be a long ride. Target a fuel dump at Rennes. Mission was scrubbed. Went to base dance then to theatre at night.

THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1944 - Nothing much doing today. Weather very bad.

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1944 - Change our bedding around and etc. Weather still changeable. Going to town tonight.

SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1944 - My brothers birthday. Up early to clean guns. My brother paid me another visit this afternoon. Capt. Cape took him and I on a short hop locally. He left around 10:00. Sure glad to see him.

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 1944 - Just another day. Went to mass in the afternoon. Boys went up this afternoon. Hit the sack early.

MONDAY, JULY 17, 1944 - My birthday today, it makes me 32 years of age. Stand down today. Going to base theatre tonight.

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1944 - Was up early to get ready for inspection. Helped to clean hut and etc. Afternoon went to line. Then went with Capt. Cape and Lt. Epstien on practice bombing, up for about and hour. Boys went on early mission. Lt. Beunway, Helm, and Durling were forced down in France. Boys o.k. came back at night. On pass tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1944 - Pass started at noon. Rode to Chelmsford with Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, and Lt. Wright.

THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1944 - Am in London, went to see my first play. Seen "While Sunshines" very good comedy. Was with Ray. Flying bombs still coming in London. A few were near us. Pity site to see people sleeping in subway.

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1944 - Pass ended today was back at noon. Lots of mail waiting for me. Answered mail, then to go to base theatre.

SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1944 - Up early for exercises. Seen Capt. Cape was bandaged around nose. Lt. Epstien and him were in taxi cab accident. Wrote letters and etc. Went to Halstead at night.

SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1944 - Up late this morning. Done nothing much. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. Went to Halstead again to the theatre. Very quiet evening. Boys went up tonight.

MONDAY, JULY 24, 1944 - Up for exercises this morning. Boys briefed but weather is bad. Went to line after chow. Spoke to Capt. Cape sure a pitiful sight the way his face is cut up. Going to base theatre tonight. Got a letter my mother is ill with gallstones. Hope things turn out o.k. Boys went up tonight.

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1944 - Easy day today. Got ready for morning inspection. Boys went up tonight. Took things at night.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1944 - Up early for inspection. Went to line for the morning. Saw flying bomb come over our field, going like a bat out hell. Played volleyball, then went to base dance.

THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1944 - Up late this morning. No mail. Got my laundry and etc. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. Went to show at 6:30 p.m. back to the hut, and read for rest of night.

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1944 - Up at 3:30 a.m. could not sleep all night. Boys were up at 3:30 a.m. also for mission. Something wrong could not sleep for last 5 or 6 nights always tossing or turning. Was surprised this afternoon, was called for a mission. Briefed and etc. at 5:00 p.m. Took off at 6:15 p.m. Target was RR bridge over river east of Bernay. Long mission traveled way down to Argentan then to target. Was in 1st box, 3 front ships dropped window. We had pathfinder B-26. Long mission, sure miss Lt. Epstien. Crew was Capt. Cape, Yount and I 28th and 3:45 hour mission. 1st mission in about 3 weeks saw no flak.

SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1944 - Recieved this diary today.

Done nothing much today. Went to town at night (Halstead) drank some beer then went to a dance. Had some fun, got feeling good.

SUNDAY, JULY 30, 1944 - Up early to see a training film. Came back and slept until noon. Wrote letters in afternoon. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. Boys went up this afternoon. Went to Red Cross for a coke. Am on loading list for next mission to fly with Maj. Parrett.

MONDAY, JULY 31, 1944 - Pay day. Up at 5:00 a.m. Briefed at 7:00 a.m., was delayed for 30 minutes. Took off at 9:20 a.m. Target was a RR bridge at Forges north of Alencon. Made land fall near Cherbourg, then over the coast, then to Domfort and to target. Made land fall home at Deauville. Bombs dropped, had B-26 pathfinder, no flak Maj. Parrett, Lt. Landon, Yount and I crew lead ship 2nd box. 29th and 4 hour mission.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1944 - Up for exercises early this morning. Had a meeting with all gunners. Capt. Anderson presided. Cleaned guns after chow. Was stand down for the day. Take things easy for the rest of the day.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1944 - Up early to clean barracks, inspection today. At ease rest of morning. Saw Lt. Epstien for 1st since accident. Took a shower, at ease rest of day. No dance tonight. Going to base theatre tonight. On loading list for next mission.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1944 - Up early to do exercises. Was called to be briefed at noon. Took off at 1:30 p.m. Target was a RR bridge at Chartres. Saw at least 400 to 500 of Lancaster and Halifax, English planes coming while we were going out at English coast. Clouds were 6/10 over France. Had flak over target, our ship got hit and one pilot got hit on face. Bombing fair. Capt. Cape, Lt. Landon, Yount and I for crew. Led 1st box 30th and 4 hour mission.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1944 - Up early to have breakfast. Easy day went to communion at this afternoons mass. Lie in the sun about hours this afternoon. Boys went up at chow. Going to show tonight still restricted. Boys got shot up pretty bad. One plane down from other sqdn.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 - Up early this morning, went to line to clean guns, pre-flight airplane, forget to check brakes. Restriction lifted this noon. At ease for this afternoon. Went to turret trainer. Place is empty, all the boys going to town. Boys went up this morning. Got shot up badly. Boys went up again this afternoon. Base very quiet tonight most of boys in town.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 1944 - Pass startes at noon. Went to mass at 4:30. Then took my pass, ended up in London.

MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1944 - In London. Play a few horses through bookie then at night went to dog races much different than ours. Met L at night.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1944 - Back at noon from pass. Am on afternoon mission with Maj. Parrett. Was briefed at 4"30 p.m. target was radar German Hdgrs. North of Alencon. Make land fall at Banfleur near Cherbourg. Then down to near St. Helaire, then over to near bomb line near Jauron. Did not bomb, hampered by clouds and haze. Turn around and came back to base. Maj. Parrett, Lt. Landon, Yount and I for crew. Led 1st box. 31st and 4 hour mission. Up again in the morning with Capt. Cape.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1944 - Up at 5:15 a.m. Eat and to be briefed and etc. at 6:15 target was same as August 3rd. RR bridge over road at Chartres. This is a shuttle run, we stopped at Stoney Cross, lower south of England to refuel. Took off at 7:30 a.m. from base. Took off at 10:15 a.m. from Stoney Cross. Made land fall at Banfluer. Then way down to St. Halaire, then over to the target. Then straight up over Caen. Saw quite a sight near Cainsiers, battle results of tank tracks and craters on ground. Battle was going on. 1st flight got flak over target. More flak near Caen, no damage. Lead ship 2nd flight 1st box. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Bombs dropped. 32nd and over 6:10 hours mission boys went up in afternoon.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. Was briefed and etc. at 7:30 a.m. Target was ammo dump in forest, about 6 miles north of Rouen on the Seine River. Took off at 9:30 a.m. Made land fall at Barfleur then to St. Hefaire, then near to Argentan and up to target. Went out at St. Valery. No bombs dropped, target area 10/10 clouds, no flak. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Lead ship 3rd flight 2nd box. 33rd and 4 hour mission. Ate then called again to be briefed target was ammo dump behind bomb line near Argentan. Took off at 5:00 p.m. made land fall same as previous mission and up to target. Saw battle going on near Mortain, had flak on target. Made 3 passes no bombs dropped, 10/10 clouds. Flak coming out on bomb line. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Saw 4-190 fighters. 34th and 4 1/2 hour mission sure tired tonight.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1944 - Up at 7:00 a.m. had breakfast, then hit the sack again then got up at 9:00 a.m., went to the line to clean guns. Went back after chow and finished to clean guns. Took things easy for the rest of the day. Up for tomorrows mission. Stand down today. Went to base theatre at night.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1944 - Up for early breakfast. Was briefed at 9:00 a.m. Then was scrubbed and put on the alert. Called at 3:00 p.m. Then waited for target to come from Hdgrs. Briefed at 5:00 p.m. Target was near bomb line to help in retreating enemy, between Domfort and Argentan. Took off at 6:30 p.m. Made land fall at Carentan, then down to Auranches, then over to target. Saw lots of fires and a P-47 dive bombing targets, sky was full of planes. No bombs dropped, haze was heavy could not see ground. Saw flak way to a side. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led 2nd box. 35th and 3 3/4 hour mission.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 1944 - Up late this morning, did not sleep well for the past few nights. Am on alert to fly spare. Was called to briefed at 4:00 p.m. Target was RR bridge at Doullens. Took off and followed the formation until we got out to English coast no one dropped out so we came back. Capt. Cape, Yount and I for crew. About 1 1/2 hour. Missed mass today. Am on the alert for morning mission.

MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1944 - Up at 4:30 eat and briefed at 6:00 a.m. Target was a road bridge over river above Laigle, trying to keep retreating enemy from getting out. Was delayed for 2 hours. Took off at 9:15 a.m. Made land fall at Barfleur then down to Auranches, then over front line to target, made 3 passes on target. Bombs dropped on wrong target then out at near Deauville. No flak. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. Led 1st box. 36th and 3 3/4 hour mission.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1944 - Went to town (Chelmsford) last night, got pretty tight, the boys said I had loads of fun. Remember very little was happened. Up this morning at 9:00. Got news of invasion of southern France. Went to line. Went back to line in afternoon oiled guns, went to mass, holy day. Went to base theatre at night on pass tomorrow. Boys went up in morning and afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1944 - Up early this morning to fix up barracks for inspection. Went on pass at noon as usual to London met Ray at night good to see him had a swell time.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1944 - In London. Met Ray at noon also met Jim ... ... went to my first English home. Went to a play at night called "Is Your Honeymoon Necessary".

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1944 - Back at noon and sure tired. Went to the base theatre at night. Seen "Gaslight". Boys went up in afternoon and got shot up by flak pretty bad.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1944 - Up early and went to turret trainer then went to the line. Took things in afternoon and evening, went to bed early. Very blue tonight stand down today weather bad.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1944 - Up early for breakfast then hit sack til noon. Gunners had meeting at 1:00 p.m. went to mass at 4:30 p.m. Weather bad again no flying today. Base quiet today.

MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1944 - Up late this morning. Bad weather no flying today. Went to town at night Chelmsford.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1944 - Got a little tight in town last night, had fun with the boys. Bad weather again today no flying. One crew practiced packing for moving. They say we are going to France. Got a shot today. Went to base theatre at night seen "Shine on Harvest Moon".

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. because of discipline to answer roll call in front of orderly room. Because Capt. Common found us sleeping and barracks was untidy. Capt. Anderson presided at roll call, he claims it will be for a week. Went to the line 714 is o.k. Radio says Paris is taken over by French Lib. mail is scarce. Going to dance in the base Aero Club. Stayed at dance for an hour then went to base theatre.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1944 - Up 6:30 a.m. for roll call. Took things easy in the morning, Boys were called to briefed.but recalled. Stand down because of bad weather. Nothing doing rest of the day.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1944 - Up at 6:30 a.m. for roll call, had breakfast then hit the sack again. Boys were briefed this morning, but delayed. Boys went up and were back late. Went to town, Halstead at nite, had a few beers, then went to the dance for a short while. Up for next mission. Turret trainer to-day.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 1944 - Up at 5:30 a.m. for mission, but briefing was delayed an hour. Briefed and etc. at 7:30a.m. Target was fuel dump south of Saint-Just-En-Chaussee near Comeigne. Took off at 9:15 a.m. Made land fall at Furness, went way in then on to target, made land fall at Saint-Valery-en-Caux. Bombing excellent. Seen many sights, Typhoons diving, shooting rockets, and German trucks burning. Rouen was burning, no flak. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount, and I for crew. Lead 1st box, 37th and 3:15 hr. mission. Stayed in barracks rest of day.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 1944 - Was called for roll call at 6:30 a.m. Had breakfast then hit the sack again. We got our blouse and overcoat back again. Was on loading list, but was called to go on mission. Could not go to mass, but went to confession. Was briefed at 5:00 p.m. Target was R.R. station, and R.R. crossing. Took off at 6:00 p.m. Made land fall at Furness (Belgium), then down to target near St. Orentin, at Bouy, made 3 passes, haze heavy. Then got plenty of flak, we got lost and trying to follow 3-B-26 out, got more flak, flew around, then finally got out at Furness. No bombs dropped, landed when dark. Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount, and I for crew, lead 2nd flight of 1st box. 38th and 3 1/2 hr. mission. Lt. Riestad fell out of formation over France.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1944 - Up early for roll call,I guisse this is the last morning. My pass starts at noon as usual going to London. Met Ray at nite.

TUESDAY, AUGUST, 29, 1944 - In London on Ray birthday, had a nice time, with swell company. Saw buzz bomb in London at nite.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1944 - Back at noon, weather bad, stand down all day. Boys had a dry run in morning, trucks all packed for dry run. No news from Lt. Riestad yet. Went to the dance at nite on the base.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1944 - Pay day. Up early for breakfast. Boys went up this morning. It was the 100th mission for the group. Got paid after chow, went to the line. Was going up with Capt. Cape, Lt. Epstien, but something was wrong with left landing gear, we came down right away. Took things easy rest of nite, listening to radio, and writing letters,

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1944 - Up late this morning. Was put back on loading list again. Went to mass at 4 received communion, stood in to-nite listening to radio, hit the sack early.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1944 - Enlisted in the Army 1942, 2 years in the Army. Thought I hit the sack early last nite, but the boys were frying french fries last nite after mid-nite. So again up late this morning, met Lt. Epstien told me Capt. Cape was made Major to-day. Was taken off loading list. Boys went to town, hut was empty. I sewed and pressed a few clothes. Felt awful blue to-nite, worst ever. Crew chiefs had 2 keggs of beer in their hut and was invited, had 2 canteens and hit the sack at mid-nite, still feel awful blue.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1944 - Up late this morning. Boys went on a mission this morning. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. Then washed clothes, and stayed in, and, wrote letters. Still feel blue, and puzzeled. All the boys are staying to-nite.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1944 - Up late this morning, weather is still bad, raining, damp, and cloudy for the past days, went to turret trainer this afternoon. Went to Chelmsford at nite.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1944 - Was awaken this morning around 5:30 a.m. by buzz bombs coming over the base. They came over very low and one fell near. Took things easy rest of the day. Went to the base theatre at nite. Boys went on mission. Getting ready for inspection, and school in the morning.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1944 - Up early to go to school, and took exam of about 200 questions. Boys went up over Bresh. They say 4 ships were lost and damaged. One over target on fire and went right down. 2 landed in France, the other ditched in channel. Was on loading list, but they scratched us. Went to dance at nite.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1944 - Up early for breakfast, then back to the sack. Raining all day. Done nothing all afternoon. Went to town at nite (Chelmsford). Weather awful bad here. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. A new priest arrived here to stay with us.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1944 - Up early for breakfast, we had fresh eggs. Wash a few clothes, then have to go to school. Weather still bad, went to the base theatre at nite.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1944 - Up early to see a training film, then ready to go on pass. As usual going to London. Met Ray at nite, had a few drinks, then went back to the hotel.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1944 - Up in time to go to church, it was really beautiful inside the church. Met Ray in afternoon, had a few drinks, then to the show. After went to Rays house, second time in an English home, people were very nice, sure enjoy the evening. Back to the hotel.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1944 - Up early to catch the train back to the base, and it is noon, and back from London. Many rumors and indications we are going to move in a week or so. Hit the sack a little early because roll call start in the morning. Went to group school afternoon. Boys went up near Metz and were shot pretty bad, one flight landed in France for over night.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1944 - Up early at answer roll call, then to line. Notice to convert English money to French. After chow, to line again, clean guns, then went blue bombing mission with Maj. Cape, and Lt. Epstien, up for 2 hours. It is 10:30 p.m. hitting sack.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. for roll call. Went to town with Dambes to pick up ice cream and brought laundry to women to have washed. Took things easy in afternoon, then went to town, Halstead at nite for a few hours, had a few beers. Came back to camp early, went to dance.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1944 - Up early for roll call as usual. Then went to school for an exam on airplane mechanics, after went to turret trainer. After chow went to the line. Watched boys on mission take off. Went blue bombing with Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien. Up for a few hours, went to base theatre at nite.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1944 - Up early, but no roll call, so went back to the sack. Lt. Riestad's gunners came back from France. They say Lt. crashed with the plane, the gunners bailed out at 2000 ft. and came back to England. Went to town with Karp in the afternoon to pick up laundry. Went to Chelmsford at nite. Received my first French money.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1944 - Up for roll call at 6:30 a.m., then back to the sack. Helped the mailman after chow. We took pictures of the combat crew with the crew chiefs. Went to town at nite (Chelmsford).

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1944 - Close to 11:00 p.m. and I am hitting the sack. Just got back from a U.S.O. show. Was up early for roll call. We are restricted at noon, they said until the advance echolon gets going. Combat crew flying over to our new base, with our own airplane. Around noon, C-47 and gliders Sterlings and gliders - Lancasters and gliders, all British came over our field. There must of been over 1,000. One landed on our field, towing cord snapped. Quite a show to see above. Went to 8:00 a.m. mass.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1944 - Up at 8:00 a.m. was suppose to go blue bombing, but called off so went "G" navigation for 2 hours, Maj. Cape and Lt. Epstien and I. Around noon another show of planes and gliders came over our field, there must have been at least 1,500 of them, it looked like another invasion. Yesterday Air Borne landed in Holland. We are still restricted. Am going to wash a few clothes then hit the sack early. We sent some of our boys ahead with the advance echolon.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1944 - Up at 8:00 for detail. Pass starts at noon. As usual went to London. Did not meet Ray.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1944 - In London to-day, went to show and seen "American Romance". Met Ray at nite, went to home at nite, very nice people.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1944 - Back at noon from pass. Done some detail in afternoon. Going to hit the sack to-nite very early. Bad weather, no flying.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1944 - Up for roll call at 6:30 a.m. Then to the line, help to load bombs. Caught cold some where, feel very miserable. Hit the sack for the afternoon. Went to town at nite (Chelmsford).

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1944 - Up for roll call, then went to hanger, worked on 714 until chow. After chow help operations, boys went up. Then went to hanger and finished job. Still have cold, went on guard duty from 8 to 1. Saw 3 buzz bombs. Seen a pursuit after one and fireing at it. Another came over very low and directly over field, made quite a rumble.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER, 24, 1944 - Up late this morning, still have cold and feel miserable. We had turkey for chow at noon. Went to line after chow, then went to town at nite (Chelmsford). Still feel miserable from the cold. Attended mass at 4:30 p.m. A priest from nearby town said mass, went to communion.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then went to line at hanger, 714 is nearly ready. After chow went back again. We are restricted to the base to-day. We expect to leave on Wednesday to fly over to our new base in France. Went to base theatre at nite.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 26, 1944 - Up around 8:30 a.m. Still feel miserable from the cold. Packed last of things after chow, took out to line, 714 is not ready yet. Will have to pack the plane in the morning. This will be my last writing while in England.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1944 - Up at 6:00 a.m. Breakfast then to airplane so as to pack. Took off at nine and landed on French soil at 11:00 a.m. We are at Coulommiers,4 or 5 miles west, and about 38 miles east of Paris. Quite a sight flying over French soil, bombings and etc. Left engine coughing before landing, switch of tanks was cause. Air base is naked and everything was blown up by Germans before they evacuated here a month ago. P-61 are stationed on this field. Sleeping in tents and on cots. On guard to-nite. Spoke to some Frenchman for first time.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1944 - Up at noon after chow worked on detail. After supper chow went to town (Mourroux) went in cafe for first time, we had French beer, and some wine. Was invited in a French home, people very hospitatly. Had fun trying to understand French. Pelletier knew how to speak French. House are much different from English ones. Woman gave us some apples from the orchard.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Boys went on mission this morning. Went to line. Base is still not fixed. Boys went on afternoon mission, got shot badly. Lt. Baublitz, Weid, and Smillie did not return, last seen near Riems. We are restricted to the base. All the boys in the tent hit the sack early. Sleeping with straw in the mattress cover. We are hitting targets in Germany now.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Weather bad. Got news Baublitz is dead, one gunner, leg broken, other gunner o.k. Done little detail. Stand down after chow. Hit the sack very early.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1944 - Up early to go to mass. Had a little trouble getting transportation to church. Went into a French church on the base, a village called Marcelles. Father Reardon said mass. It was a beautiful church and the alter was ideal. Windows were blown out by concussion of the bombs. Went to town at nite (Mourroux) had some pickled pears, apple pie, and sauce in a French home. Went to a dance something like a family affair.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1944 - Up to late for breakfast. Helped Maj. Cape build a floor for his tent. Hitting sack early.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1944 - Up to late for breakfast. Nothing much to-day. Boys went on mission, 10/10 clouds no bombs dropped. Helped Maj. Cape with the tent. Hitting the sack early again.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1944 - Up late, took things easy in the morning. Mission srubbed for the day. Helped on our mess hall, rear echolon due. Hitting the sack early again, still restricted.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1944 - Up early for breakfast, then work on our mess hall, rear echolon arrived. Boys went on mission, came back with bombs. Rain in afternoon, put up rest of tents, bad weather rest of day. Changed tent according to plans. Hitting the sack early, awful damp to-nite. Listened to the world series thru short wave radio to-nite, game started at 8 o clock.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1044 - Up for breakfast, eating at our own mess hall. Worked on our mess hall all morning. Boys went on a mission, Lt. Pruden, Brown, Zillo, crashed on formation. Helped to put Maj. Parrett tent in afternoon. Liberty run starting to-nite to Coulommiers.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1944 - Up for breakfast then helped our boys picking up lumber for the floor, rest of morning went over to Maj. Parrett tent and helped there. Fixed and helped Maj. Parrett, and Maj. Cape and helped a little on Capt. Commons tent in the afternoon. Am on loading list for in the morning. Boys went up in the afternoon. At nite we got half of our floor put in our tent.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then briefed at 8:00 a.m. Target was a town of Juilich in Germany. Was a one hour delay. Took off at 10:30 a.m.. First mission German territory. Did not have to wear Mae West, or carry dinghies. Have little flak as we went over bomb line into the target. Target was about 20 miles west of Cologne. Bombing gross. Lead the 2nd box. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew. 39th mission and 3 1/2 hour. Went to mass at 4:30 p.m. in the French church. Helped boys finished floor on our tent. I.P. was at Namour.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Put up speaker in our tent, help around in our tent. Put up rack and etc. Stand down for today, foggy, visibility very bad. We got paid to-nite in French money. Hitting the sack early to-nite.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1944 - Up for breakfast, very bad day, raining steadily all day. Cleaned around the tent and took things easy. Went to take a shower under a tent. Went to town at nite Coulommiers, could not see anything, very dark around. Was in cafes, drank some cognac and beer, beer very light, no body to it.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Help around the tent, made myself a small desk. After chow, helped Capt. Commons to put a fibre floor. Went to town Coulommiers at nite, drank quite a bit of cognac. Got quite sick during the nite.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1944 - Got up late this morning, feel miserable, stomach trouble. Weather a little bad. Boys went on a mission this morning. Rain at nite so stayed in tent. Wanted volunteers for A-26 outfit, do not think old gunners are going.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Went to have my pictures censored, sent them in afternoon. Went to town in afternoon (Coulommiers) went to barber shop for a haircut. Guess not many of the gunners are going to the A-26 outfit, they would have to start another tour. Boys went on a mission this morning, lots of flak, but not serious.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 14 1944 - Up for breakfast and then rested for the morning. After chow went to town to the Chateau for lumber, for our day room. Going on guard from 11:30 p.m. France is sure beautiful, the Chateau is high upon hill and you could see Coulommiers from there and all the greens and etc. Clark and crew, Pelletier, Sample are going on straight missions and try to go home on 60 missions.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1944 - Got in at 3 a.m. from guard. Went to 8 o clock mass in the French church. Raining all day, stayed in tent all day, went to communion this morning.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Weather bad, raining. Went to town with Pelletier. Then helped Massie in afternoon, going to the Chateau. Mailed packages home. Hit the sack early to-nite.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1944 - Up late in the morning. Done nothing in the morning. Raining, mailed letter to C.O.. about helicopter school. Took shower, stayed in at nite.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then hit the sack again. Was on 1 hr. alert, weather is very funny, raining and sunny shining. Helped Capt. Commons in the afternoon. Hit the sack early, lights are out at 10:00 p.m.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1944 - Up for breakfast, and was called to be briefed around noon. Target was bridge near Stuttgart in Germany, went to planes the mission was scrubbed. Took things easy rest of day, raining part of day.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1944 - Up late this morning. Weather still bad. Stand down all day. Stayed in barracks all day.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Stand down again to-day. Hit the sack again after breakfast. Took a ride in the afternoon went to a small town, on the way, seen my first German prisoners. Brought back some French bread, for the boys. also went to the photo lab. having some more pictures of the crew developed. Getting ready to go on pass tomorrow "Paris".

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1944 - Up early to go to church. Went to church and left mass early so as to catch truck to go to Paris. Missed truck so I was taken to Paris in a jeep. Went by Meaux and seen bombing on marshalling yard and on bridge. Paris quite a city. Was registered in the best Hotel in Europe, the "Grand Hotel" girl waitress, rooms were very good, and expensive furniture. Lots of fun trying to make conversation with French people. Went to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, stayed a little for High mass, traveled the Metro "subway".

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1944 - In Paris, stores are closed, seen Arc de Triomphe to-day, also Eiffel Tower, weather bad, could not take pictures.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1944 - Went shopping this morning, stores opened to-day. Left Paris at noon. Hit sack early to-nite.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1944 - Up early to be in charge of detail. Getting gravel for hgrs. Mailed package to-day. Stand down all day. Went to Meaux for gravel.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Weather pretty good, but stand down all day. Took things easy in the morn. after chow pick up pictures at photo lab, sent them home. Hit the sack early, sent rest of packages also. Was piggy back while Rusty pre-flighted 714.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1944 - Had a heck of a time during the nite, had the J.J.'s and ever hour or so had to get up in the dark. Felt terrible during the day, took 10 pills trying to stop it. Bad weather again, stand down all day. Stayed in tent all day. Went to trainer in the morning. Hit the sack early.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1944 - Up for breakfast a bit chilly. Went to Meaux with Moore, Pelletier, Helm, Sample, and Herbert, Picked up some gravel and beer glasses. Was surprised when came back, was put on mission. Briefed after noon chow. Target was bridge near Cologne, a pathfinder B-26. Was deputy to Lt. Col. Parrett. Temp. was -20 up that high. Parrett fell out of formation, we took over lead of 1st box. Flak was plentiful and accurate over target, most I have seen yet, it looked like we went over Cologne, bombs dropped, wrong target. Seen one ship hit and gas coming out galore. Coming back we had to come low, them clouds contained ice. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount, and I for crew. 40th and 3 3/4 hr. mission, plenty of holes in airplane.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1944 - Up late this morning. Did not sleep well, thinking of yesterday's mission. Released all day. Went to high mass in French church in Mourroux. They say 5 ships and B-26 were lost on yesterday's mission. No word from Col. Parrett and crew, different rumors were around about them, nothing definite. Hitting the sack early.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1944 - Up for breakfast this morning. Rumors came in last nite Col. Parrett our C.O. was killed in action, Helm and Durling are o.k. Lt. Landon o.k. also. This morning is official about the rumor that came in last nite Helm and Durling are not back yet. Airplane went down near Belgium. Engine trouble was probable cause. Chopped wood this and after chow. Boys went on mission this morning. Hitting the sack early.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Helm came in last nite. Am glad they are o.k. they landed in Belgium. My brother surprised me by visiting me around 10:30 a.m. Were together all day. He came in with a 10 ton semi. Sam is going to stay over nite. Pay day to-day. Hitting the sack early. They say Maj. Cape is are new C.O.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1944 - Up early to go to church this morning, went to communion. My brother is still here. after chow we went to Meaux, and as far as Le Ferte Soue Jobair, took some pictures, drove the tractor part of the time. Am on my 48 hr. local pass. Staying in the tent for the nite. Hitting the sack early. Maj. Cape was made our C.O.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1944 - Up for breakfast with my brother. We got a field jacket, heavy trousers, and flying boots for him, those things should keep him warm. Hooked up the tractor to the trailer, he drove me to Paris. He left me around 10:30 a.m. Was sure glad to see him and hated to see him go. Hunted around in Paris for films and cameras, no luck. Came back in with the truck who picked up beer for our day room. Bad weather, no flying, hitting the sack early.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Took things easy this morning. Boys went up this morning around chow time. Swabs guns after chow. Taking things easy rest of day, hitting the sack early to-nite.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1944 - Up for breakfast, did nothing all morning. Boys went on a mission. A-26 mobile units are here. Took things easy in the afternoon, hitting the sack early to-nite.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1944 - Awaken at 6:00 a.m. to be briefed for mission. Was going to help Gen. Patton,then mission was scrubbed. Briefed again on enemy ammunition supply dump. Target was near Hamburg. We had B-26 pathfinder. Took of at 11:00 a.m. 10/10 clouds all the way. Threw out window, when hit bomb line, bombs dropped, no flak, temp was -9. Had trouble with interphone, fixed temporary mission. Maj. Cape Lt. Epstien Yount & I for crew. Lead the first box. 41st and 3-3/4 hr. mission. Went to church at 4:30 P.M. They took picture of the boys in and outside of church. Hitting the sack early. Sure am tired tonight.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then went to turret trainer, picked up my rations. Cleaned the back of 714 was "window" left from the previous mission. Was on piggy back while Miller pre-flighted 714. Took things easy in afternoon. My brother Sam visited me again. Came in ground 6:30 P.M. Hitting the sack early tonight.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1944 - Election Day. Up for breakfast, my brother is still here. Was to go to the A-26 school but school was not ready, then went to aircraft recogn. school. Then the Maj. had a meeting of the gunners about the nite intrusion work. All the old crews signed up. 646 & 644 sq. were picked for the sq. Still raining, took a shower, then, took things easy for the rest of the day. Lites are to be going out at 10:00 P.M. We have our own generator, some trouble with city power.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Easy morning. Nothing doing after chow. Raining all day. Around 8:00 P.M. went to town with Pelletier and my brother for a steak dinner with his semi tractor. Hitting sack early. A dull day today. Awaiting the result of the election. Roosevelt ahead in 35 states so far.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1944 - Up very early and started the fire in tent. Had breakfast then hit the sack again until chow. Help to gas up "Dexter". Jacked it up for brakes. Nothing doing in the afternoon. Brother still here. Weather bad. Some B-17 came in our field. Staying here overnite. Hitting the sack early.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Was put on loading, then scratched was to fly with McSwain. Stand down rest of day. Went on guard at 7. Went to bed at midnite.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1944 - Up late this morning. Read most of the morning. Boys went on mission. Am on loading list, stand down rest of day. Played cards in the afternoon. Hitting the sack early.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1944 - Up early to go to 8:00 A.M. mass but was on loading list and was on 5 minute alert. Went back to hit the sack. Stand down rest of day. Then after chow cleaned guns on 714. A few days ago started to take two pills a day, one for vitamins, the other for preventive colds. Tents are sure cold; am yelling for my seven day leave. Went to mass at 4:30 P.M. Also went to communion. An old French missionary priest said mass today.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1944 - Up for breakfast then cleaned the tent. Hit the sack for a while, then went over to the saw and helped to saw wood for our barracks. Got a hair cut after chow. Stand down all day. Took it easy in afternoon and nite. Received first Xmas gift from (writing packet, 2 bars of soap and after shaving lotion). Hitting the sack early tonight. Still on loading list.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1944 - Up late this because they had powdered eggs for breakfast. Briefing was 10:30 A.M. Target was a town of east of Aachen. Went out to planes then mission was scrubbed. Stand down all day. Was to fly with Capt. Weiser. Nothing doing in the afternoon. Raining in the afternoon. Going to Paris tomorrow. Hitting the sack early tonight.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1944 - Up early for insp. by the doctor. Then got ready for pass to go to Paris. Fooled around Paris in the afternoon. Went to a cafe and dance.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1944 - Went shopping in the morning. Attended a vaudeville program. Very good, then went downstairs in the cafe, danced and drank. Went off to supper then back to the cafe danced more.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1944 - Got in around 3 in the morning. Slept in Le Grande Terminus Hotel, very good place. Up around 10:00 A.M. Took truck back to camp. My brother came to see me again this after. He washed up and he went out with the boys at nite. Sure am glad to see him again. Hitting the sack again.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1944 - Up early this morning. Area was to be inspected by C.O. of group. Inspection went well. My brother left at noon. Went to aircraft recon. Went to Meaux in the afternoon. Helped to load truck of gravel. Boys went on mission today. Had a glass of wine and in Meaux. Hitting the sack early tonite.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1944 - Awaken at 6:00 A.M. and had 1/2 hr. to eat and dress to go on a mission. Was briefed around 7:00 A.M. Target was ammo and supply warehouse in Saverne about 15 or 20 miles NW of Strasbourg. Route to Nancy then to Lunieville and up to target. Bombing Ex. 409 also bomb and the target was sure hit, plenty of fires and explosions. On route to and from scenes such as P.47 dive bombing some target and one air field near Nancy had JU88 all wrecked on ground. Seen some high and black mountains before hitting the target. Plenty of snow around those mountains. Quite a scene. Lead the 3rd box. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I for crew on 913. Bombed at 8500. 42nd and 3-3/4 hr. mission. Went to the 4:30 P.M. mass. Had guard duty at nite. On next loading list. No flak.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1944 - Up late this morning but was called to be brief on a mission. Target was near Hamburg. Mission was scrubbed. Put on 1 hr. available but bad weather kept us down. A-26 came in this afternoon, quite an airplane. Raining and windy all day. Hitting the sack early tonite, still on the loading list.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1944 - Awaken at 6:30 A.M. to be briefed for mission. Target was same as yesterday. P.P.F. mission took off at 9:25. Was formed above the field then was called back. The ground P.P.F. station went haywire. Stand down rest of day. Look into the A-26 again today. Have a hell of a cold. Took things easy rest of day. Hitting the sack early.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1944 - Up for breakfast and still have my cold. Feel awful sick. Took some pills and cough syrup. Rain and mist all day. Stayed in all day. Hitting the sack early tonite.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1944 - Thanksgiving. Up for breakfast and weather is still bad, raining steadily. Went to Meaux, picked up some films and help on detail. We had a nice turkey dinner. Stayed in the tent in the afternoon. Went to Maj. Cape's hut picked up my watch. Then sawed wood for our hut. Big rumor about 51 missions, nothing official. Hitting the sack early.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then at 8:30 went to briefing. Target was ammo and marshalling yards at Landau-An-Der-Isar. Waited until weather ship reported then was delayed for 2 hours. Weather still bad. Stand down rest of day. Picked up rations of 5 packs of cigarettes, 4 bars of candy. Raining all the evening. Hitting the sack early. Cold a bit better today.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Weather better but no call for mission. Was going to take pictures this morning but played hide & seek. Trucks were to leave for briefing at 12:50 P.M. Target was marshalling yards in Landau-An-Der-Isar. P.P.F. mission Bomb by boxes if visual. Route to Nancy then to I.P. on to target and bomb them clouds. No flak. B-26 Pathfinder was close to 14000' and around -15 degrees, quite cold. Crew was Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount and I lead the group on this mission. 714. 3rd and 3-1/2 hour mission.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1944 - Up for breakfast. Had some good pan cakes this morning. Was scheduled to go to aircraft recg. then to turret. Took some pictures and was the boys take off on the mission. After chow had a practice formation, some pilots were being decorated by Gen. Anderson tomorrow. Went to 4:30 P.M. mass. Fanny Poop came out today such as no fires in the tent from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Hitting the sack early because lites go out at 10.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1944 - Up for breakfast, then at went to aircraft reco. Then went to turret trainer. After chow took some pictures. Tent is sure cold without fire during the day. Spoke to French soldiers that could speak Italian. Hitting the sack early tonite.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1944 - Up at 7 A.M. to go to breakfast then hit the sack again until chow time. Tents are too cold to stay in. Made the rounds to the orderly room, medics, supply and operation, all had good fires. Maj. Cape was looking for me. The Maj. took up the A-26 and Yount to work the turret. Went on guard at 7 P.M. Hitting the sack at midnight.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1944 - Up at late in the morning had no breakfast. Took some more pictures. My brother Sam came to visit me, again around noon. Boys took off on a mission. Went to Meaux with my brother, Whitehurst, Frederick to pick up some films, then to see the statue outside of Meaux. Hitting the sack early.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1944 - Payday. Up late this morning. My brother still here. After chow got paid and shots in the arm. Boys took off on a mission. Went to Meaux with my brother and Whitehurst, took some pictures of the large statue. Had some fun and etc. Sweated out the boys landing,one plane came in on one engine. One belly landed. Hitting the sack early on the rest mission.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. My brother is still here. Was called to briefing 8:00 A.M. Target was town of Svarluatean right on the bomb line. Weather was very bad. Took off at 10. Sure climb them a lot of clouds. Got as far as the IP then called back. Came down around noon. Lt. Neff had engine trouble. Both gunners bailed out near the field. Ship came down. One bomb exploded and Lt. Neff was found dead. A good boy gone. Went to church at 4:30 and went to communion. Also at nite went to tent show on field with my brother. Took a ride to Coulommiers during the day. Hitting the sack early. Lead the first box, Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien & Yount & I.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1944 - Up for breakfast around 7. Sam was leaving this morning. The boys went on a mission. Sam left around 9:30 A.M. Weather a bit cool. Am on the next loading list. Was called to be briefed at noon. The other mission was just coming up. Our target was town of Munsterland. Was going to lead the 2nd box. Mission was scrubbed while being briefed. Read a little this afternoon. Then took a set of O.D.'s in to Coulommiers to be cleaned. Hitting the sack early again tonite. Scratched on pass list for Paris.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1944 - Awaken at 4:40 A.M. to eat and brief. Briefed at 6:45. Target was town of Eukelez. Went to airplane, then was told mission was scrubbed. Briefed again at 11:15 on same target but different route and was to be pathfinder. Went out to ships then weather closed in and mission again was scrubbed. Read all afternoon and forgot to go to church. Capt. Commons inspected tents for fires and we had a nice fire in our stove. He sure was mad. Sure sorry for not going to church today. Hitting the sack early today. We are starting to have city power now.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1944 - Up for breakfast so as to be ready at 8:30 to be briefed. Target was town of Kall. Right after briefing the mission was scrubbed. Called again after chow at noon and had same target while brief mission again was scrubbed. Bad weather. Picked up rations. 5 packs of cigarettes, 2 bars of candy. Slept rest of afternoon. Hitting the sack early tonite. Received the wool and sent it right away to its destination.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1944 - Was awaken by the tannoy. Had breakfast and then briefed at 8:30. Target was the town of Kall inside about 6 miles from the bomb line. Took off at 9:30. P.P.F. mission. Went to Bastogne then I.P. on to target. Overcast over target. Something went wrong with Pathfinder. Was to bomb visual went over some clear spot, then flak came up. Circle then headed for home. One ship had over 100 holes other ships got hit. Capt. Dale fell out of formation. No news as yet. Sure cold up there today. Close to 25 degrees. No bombs dropped. Maj. Cape, Lt Epstien, Yount & I for crew, lead the 2nd box. 44 and 3/12 hour mission. Took a shower. Hitting the sack early. Ship with 100 holes was our no. 3 man.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1944 - Awaken by the tannoy system. Was put on detail. Helped on digging a sewer by the mess. Big inspection coming off in a few days. Was told that Capt. Dale is killed. His gunners Bibeau and Frederick are in the hospital with minor injuries. Picciano, Pelletier, Capt. Commons went to pick them in Belgium. Boys went on a mission. Capt. Clark, Sample Pelletier completed their 65 missions. Worked up till 4 in detail. Sure tired tonite. Hitting the sack early tonite.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1944 - Up late this morning. Went to turret trainer at 11:00 A.M. Boys went to briefing but came back bad weather. After chow help on detail. Truck went to Meaux. Jackson in trouble of some sort of gun. Lt. Wright came to tent to find out trouble. On guard tonite from 11 to 3 A.M.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1944 - 3:15 A.M. back from guard. Pelletier got in also from Bellgium. Capt. Dale went down with the ship. Ship got hit by flak on second try. Frederick fractured shoulder. Bibeau torn ligament, both in hospital. They say bailed out at around 800 to 1000 ft. Up at 7 for breakfast, every one had to be up because of big inspection. Went to the line and oil the gun on Dexter. After chow slept until 3:30 P.M. Then went to church. Holy Day of Obligation. Hitting the sack early.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1944 - Up at 8:00 A.M. Took things easy this morning. Inspectors were here. Boys went on a mission. Brought back the bombs. Went to Meaux, drank Champagne. Trucks left early and we work on detail. We walk a few miles before a truck pick Jackson and I. Pelletier brought in some steaks and it sure taste good. Hitting the sack early. On next loading list. While in Meaux visit the inside of the Cathedral, really beautiful work and exquisite altars.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1944 - Up early for breakfast. Weather bad, very cold, frost on ground. Hit the sack after breakfast until chow time. After chow played euchre. Then went to church. Capt. Wethe, Lt. Wicaleff, Pitts and Woren going up to the front for observation. Weather still bad tonite. Hitting the sack around 11.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1944 - Up early had breakfast. Trucks left for briefing at 9:10. Target was town of Dilllenburg. Took off and flew in bad weather. P.P.F. went ahead and climb up to 11500 ft. and still the clouds were thick. It was sure soupy up there. Maj. Cape decided to call off mission. We came down pretty fast and flew on the deck until we hit the field. Weather was still bad all day. Was up for about an hour and half. Took things in the afternoon. Write letters at nite.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1944 - Up at 5:30 A.M. Had breakfast then brief at 7:15. Target was a small town about 20 miles southeast of Aachem. Took off at 8:45. P.P.F. mission. Was going parallel with the bomb for about 35 miles. Was a bit early so made a 360. Over the went down to about 6000 ft and it was a clouds and sleet, rainy and snow, was on instruments for about 30 mins. All flights scattered and came back by themselves. Plenty of ice in those clouds. Other flights encountered flak, one ship went down, near the target. Had music coming all the way back. Did not drop bombs. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount & I to crew. Quite cold up there at least - 20 degrees. 45th and 3-1/2 mission. Going to Paris tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1944 - Up early and got ready to go on Paris pass. Left here around 9 A.M.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1944 - In Paris.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1944 - In Paris around until 1 P.M. Got back around 4 o'clock. Hit the sack early. Am tired.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1944 - Up around 10 A.M. Watson woke me up. Maj. Cape wanted me to fly in A-26. Took off around 10:30 A.M. Was checked out in the turret. Pretty good turret. Air plane good flying. Was 2 hours. My brother came and visited me this morning. Talked and etc. Went to A-26 school in afternoon. After went to Meaux to pick up some photos, with my brother's truck, got back around 9:30 A.M. My brother, Campbell, Lord, Doherty, Hanes, Hayes, Geiger, Helm, and I went to Meaux, drank about 6 bottles of Champagne besides cognac. On guard duty tonite at 3:30 A.M. Pelletier papers are here. May leave tomorrow. Capt. Wethe & crew came back tonite.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1944 - Up at 9:15 A.M.; went to bed at 3:30 A.M. Was on guard. Dressed to fly and got so far as briefing room. Mission was scrubbed. Hit the sack until chow. Also hit the sack after chow, sure feel terrible. Went to mass at 4:30 with Karpinski, Wolfe and Gaul. Weather very bad raining. Played euchre with Hughie, Jackson and Hayes. Hit the sack around 10:30 P.M. Took night vision at 6:00 P.M.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1944 - Up at 6:25 to eat and dress, trucks leaving at 6:45 A.M. Had to hurry. Target was town of Hellenthal. Got news of Germans make a break and advance of 6 miles. Was to bomb at any altitude. Weather was bad. Had to stay in. Briefing room all morning waiting for break in weather. Went back to squadron area, then recall again to briefing room. Took off at 2:30 P.M. Was a P.P.F. mission. Was expecting a lot of trouble over target. Was at 12,000 ft then came down to 9000. Seen artillery bursts on ground. Clouds were about 10/10. Came down in dusk. Lead the 2nd box. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount & I for crew. No flak. 46th and 3-1/4 hr. mission. Sure tired tonite. Hitting the sack early.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1944 - Up at 7 A.M. Had breakfast then at 8:30 A.M.. Reported to operations. Went to the line and worked. Weather very foggy today. No flying. After chow went to work on line. Help Canning on 955. Went to turret trainer at 4 P.M. We had no coal today. They had some coal come in but was for permanent places. Morale sure low today. Lt. Clark, Pelletier & Sample left today. Pelletier has my Air Medal. Taking to my sister in Rochdale. Mail situation sure poor. Hitting the sack early tonite.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1944 - Up at 7 A.M. for breakfast then hit the sack until 9:30 to go to aircraft recogn. Rumor came about German paratroopers are being drop in different sections of France. Had guard doubled during nite and personnel has to carry arms during the day. Guards are double every nite. Security talk by a Capt. from Bomber Comm. My brother came tonite around 5 P.M. Maybe stay a day or so. Weather very foggy today. Hitting the sack early tonite.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1944 - Up at 7 A.M. for breakfast. Then hit the sack until 11:15. My brother is still here. We are all restricted to the camp. All sorts of rumors still around. Went to Red Cross after chow. Had coffee and donuts with Campbell and my brother. Stayed in the Supply room for awhile. More rumors about 51 missions and low level raiding. Also on the alert for any emergency and moving. Playing cards tonite then hitting the sack.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1944 - Up at 11:15 for chow. Was in the sack all morning. Weather was bad raining and foggy. After my brother left for his camp. Don't know if his outfit will be there. Was close to the front lines. Hit the sack again after chow. Up at 4 P.M. then had early chow because going on guard duty. On guard duty at 5:30 P.M. to 10 P.M. Still rumors of low level and crews on alert to move up to the front but nothing definite. Hitting the around midnite.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1944 - Up at 6:00 A.M. Had two fresh fried eggs this morning at mess hall. Came back. Hit the sack again until 11 A.M. Boys went up twice today. 4 crews are going on consective mission until they finish their tour. after chow took a ride with Karpinski. Was scheduled to fly at nite but called off. On next loading list. Playing cards then hitting the sack early.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1944 - Up at 7:30 A.M. Went to confession and communion. Was scratch from loading list. Col. Hughey took the lead. Chop us fire wood this morning after chow. Capt. Weiser & crew landed on another field. Went to midnite with Karpinski, Wolfe & Gull. Did not drink.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1944 - Christmas Day. Up at 6:00 A.M. for breakfast and be brief for mission at 7 A.M. Target was marshalling yards at Dengerofr. Took off at 9:00 A.M. Pretty cold, freezing level was on the ground. Went to Luxenburg then to I.P. Got flak at I.P. and up to target. Dropped bombs, good bombing. Came out same way. Got two holes from flak and lost our oil on our way back. Lead 1st box. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, & Yount & I for crew. 47th and 2-3/4 hr. mission. Boys went up again this afternoon. Lt. Schurman & crew went down on target. Capt. Wethe, Moren & Pitts were last seen flying on one engine near target. A bad day. Hitting the sack early. Sure tired. Capt. Weiser & crew got back this morning at 0200.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1944 - Up late this morning around 11:15 A.M. Met Lt. Epstien on the way to chow. Told me we are on the next mission. Was briefed at 12:30. Target was communication at Pronsfeld. Took off at 1:30 P.M. Temp was -3 up 12000 ft. Went to Neurhatuenthen to I.P. then to target Bombing Sup. No flak. Lot of planes going in. One bomb was stuck in bomb bay. Lead 2nd box. Maj. Cape, Lt. Epstien, & Yount & I for crew 48th and 2:34 hr mission. On guard tonite from 10-2:30 A.M. News came in about 51 mission. Whitehurst, Campbell, Jackson going home. Capt. Wethe came back this afternoon from another field.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1944 - Went to bed around 3 A.M. this morning. One enemy plane came over the field and strafed one burst then went away. Up at 11:15 A.M. went to chow. Took a shower at the squadron shower. Pretty good shower room. Took things easy rest of afternoon. Palko finished painting Dexter my leather jacket. Weather clear and cold. Hitting the sack early.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1944 - Awake at 8:00 A.M. but stayed in the sack. Said goodbye to WhiteHurst, Noven Campbell, Jackson, Pitts, Appil, Miller, they were going home. After chow went to Personal, cancelled "E" allotment, starting "Feb". Moved to Tent #17. Weather foggy and frost. B-26 landed on this field. Their field was weather close. Hitting the sack around 9:30 A.M.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1944 - Up late this morning. Bad weather over target. No mission today. Chopped a little wood after chow. Picked up my ration. 2 pkgs. of cigarettes, 3 bars of candy, 1 pkg chewing gum. Went to theater in tent. Sure was cold in there. Hitting the sack early. Weather is sure cold.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1944 - Up late this morning. Weather still bad. No mission today. Took things easy this afternoon. Rumor no more gunners going home at 51 missions. We are having red alerts these days. Hitting the sack as soon as I write to J.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1944 - Up late again this morning. After chow got paid. At 4:00 P.M. went to mass. Then was C.Q. Boys were having a good time in their tent.

MONDAY, JANUARY 1, 1945 - Hit the sack around 8 A.M. Got up around 11:30 A.M. Had chow then was called to briefed on donut run for practicing for nite bombing. Took off at 3. Was back at 4:30 P.M. Was the 3rd ship and was to put down the marker. Was put on guard duty at nite and am on next loading list.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1945 - Up at 6 A.M. Was called to eat and be briefed. Target was cross roads right in the back of the Town of Garvy spearhead drive. Took off at 9:15 A.M. Was pretty cold up there. From I.P. to target was 10/10 clouds. Then decided to go under clouds. Other flights went ahead a bombed at 12000. Came down to 3500 ft but weather and time was against us. Flew around bomb 3 times. Get a little of light flak. Other flights got shot up pretty bad. Lead 1st box. Maj Cape, Lt. Epstien, Yount & I for crew. 49th & 3-1/2 hr mission. Mail is very slow. No mail before Christmas.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1945 - Up at noon after chow. Was to go to school. Stayed in school half of the afternoon. Then went for wood. Went to show after chow. Received first letter from Jo after a week and half. Hitting sack around 10:30.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1945 - Up for breakfast early. Weather is snowing hard. Went for a haircut, quite a few boys ahead. After chow went back but power was cut off. Still snowing. We had no light all day and nite. Mail came in around 10'oclock at nite. Received about 5 letters from Jo. Hitting sack around 10:30 P.M.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1945 - Up at 9:30 A.M. to go to aircraft recogn. Still waited around for a haircut. Boys went on a mission. Chopped a little wood. After chow finally got my haircut. Took things easy in afternoon. Hitting the sack early.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1945 - Up early for breakfast. Took things early this morning. Chopped a little wood. After chow had a gunner meeting. Cleaned guns this afternoon. Played poker at nite small game. Wash more clothes today. Hitting the sack at eleven.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 7, 1945 - Up at 7:30 A.M. Did not have breakfast. Was going to communion but mass was also ready started so did not go to communion. Weather bad again today. Play poker and reading "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". Picked up some logs for fire. Herbert went off hunting. Brought back rabbit. So we ate rabbit tonite. Still having red alerts. Hitting the sack early. May have to fly in 3 A.M. Going to the front on Jan 15 for observation.

MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1945 - Up late this morning. Weather still bad. Took things easy in the afternoon. Restriction was lifted last nite. After chow was going nite flying. Took off at 6:30 P.M. Went up a weather ship. Weather was half bad so came down. Went on guard 10:30 A.M. Hit the sack at 3 A.M.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1945 - Up at 12:30 P.M. Got in late because I pulled guard last nite. Went to wood after chow then we had a squardron meeting. Went to the 8:30 P.M. show. Seen Laura, pretty cold. Weather still bad, no flying. Hitting the sack after midnite.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1945 - Up at 9 A.M. Having group inspection. Chopped a little wood. Went to the line after chow. Weather still bad. Play poker after chow. Snow a little and quite cold. Hitting the sack around 11.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1945 - Up at 10 A.M. Fried myself an egg. After chow went to the line. Was put on the loading list with Lt. Race. Maj. Cape told them to take me off only am to fly with him why?? Stayed in tent all nite.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 1945 - Up at 10. Had fried eggs. Was called on detail for coal. After chow went to take my laundry to Mourroux then went to Coulommiers for my O.D.S. Weather very bad snowing.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1945 - Up at noon. After chow took a shower. Maj. Cape ask me to make a snow plow. Started it. Boys went on a mission. Snow still on ground. On next loading list.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 1945 - Up at 6:30 A.M. Had breakfast then at 8 went to briefing. Target was cross road near St. Vith. Was to be a P.P.F. Took off at 10 A.M. Very cold up there. Went to I.P. of P.P.F. then decided to go back to visual I.P. and then just when hit bomb line, flak came up very accurate, while throwing window, pieces of flak came very close hitting the bottom of tunnel batch. Interphone of bomber, went out so we came back to base. We had over 60 bales on Dexter. It was sure close. Maj. Cape, Lt Epstien, Yount & I for crew. 50th and 3-3/4 hr. mission. Went to mass at 4:30 P.M. and also went to communion. No more 51 mission deal. Lost Dexter, went to service. Sorry.

MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1945 - Up early for roll at 7 A.M. Had gunners meeting at 9. Then worked on snow plow. After chow went up in the blue in A-26. Sat in front with Maj. Cape. Quite a thrill. Dropped blue bombs. Listen to music and read a book while up there. Hit close to 350 M.P.H. Very enjoyable ride. Went on guard after chow. Hit sack at 11 P.M. Lt. Epstien on bomber. Up about 1-3/4 hrs.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1945 - Up at 6:30 A.M. Had breakfast then was out to roll call. Worked on snow plow. Afternoon chow. Worked on A-26 turret and clean guns. After supper chow went up in the blue in A-26. Was a little dusk in take off. Was in the turret, then crawled. They bomb bay and sat next to the Maj. Went blue bombing. Listen to music, was up 3 hrs. Hitting the sack early. Lt. Epstien as bomber.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1945 - Up at 6:30 A.M. had breakfast then at 8 A.M. had roll call. Weather pretty bad. Worked on snow plow all morning. After chow worked about an hour then read part of afternoon. No flying today. Hitting the sack around 4:30 P.M.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1945 - Up early again. Was out to roll call but weather was bad. Read part of morning. After chow went to have pictures censored and picked up rations. After chow went to pick up my laundry at Charlie's home. Came back early. Chopped a little wood. Hitting the sack around 10:30 P.M.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 1945 - Up at 6:30. Had chow then went to orderly. room was room orderly for the day. Was called at 10:00 A.M. to fly in A-26 with Maj. Cape & Lt Epstien. Was in turret when took off climb thru bombay while in air to front with the Maj. Read a little after chow. Then called again to fly in A-20K with the Maj and Lt Epstien. Weather was bad at target so went down to ship bomb. Was up around 3-1/2 hrs all day. Hitting the sack early. Maj got 2 shacks.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 1945 - Up at 6:30. Built a fire then had chow. Was out to roll call. Read most of morning. Started to snow. After went out and plowed the primitive in over squard. After snow stop cleaned the track again. Had a few inches of snow. No lites tonite. Lite situation lately has been very poor. Hitting the sack very early tonite at 7 P.M.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 1945 - Up at 7:30 P.M. Had breakfast was going to communion, but as usual transportation was not available so got to mass a bit late. After mass had 2 eggs with some french bread. Read most of morning. After chow read a little more. Lites went out at 6:15 P.M. Boys went on a mission. Hitting the sack at 9 P.M.

MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 1945 - Up at 6:30 A.M. Had breakfast. At 9 A.M. went to air craft Regn. Boys went on a mission. Read rest of morning besides getting a little wood. After chow, read a little. Was on the alert for another mission. On the next loading list. Went on guard on first shift. Hitting the sack at 11:30 P.M.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1945 - Up at 6:30. Had breakfast then went to briefing at 8:00. Target was some German (Standkyll). Weather was bad. Mission was scrubbed. Super six went in today. Worked with snow plow. Read a little of "The Robe". Finally got the watch from the P.X. Hitting the sack early. Rumors of group going back to states started today.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1945 - What a day!!! Up at 6:30 A.M. As usual made a fire. Had breakfast then went to briefing at 8:15. Target man same as yesterday. Took off at 9:45 A.M. Was called back after flying about 30 min. Then delayed for an hour. Taxied out to runway then another delayed. Finally at 12:45 P.M. took off with only first box. Had compass trouble. Made 2 runs over target. Had flak on second run. Bombing gross. No photo. Sure cold up at 13500. Lead 1st box. Maj Cape, Lt Epstien, Yount & I for crew. 51st and 3:30 hr mission. Target was Standkyll. Hitting the sack early.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1945 - Up at 7 A.M. Had breakfast, then chopped a little wood. Boys went on mission. Took some laundry in tomorrow. Finished reading "The Robe". A very good book. The Maj told me we are going to the front next group. The squadron had one hour of close drill. Hitting the sack at midnite. Finn brought some steaks.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 1945 - Up at 7 for breakfast. Read part of morning. After chow was going to town but decided not. Felt a bit sick. Was called to fly with the Maj. Took up two signalmen officers in A-26 to test radar. P.47 made incoming attacks from tail and sides. Tracked him with turret. Up at 1-1/4 hr. Went to movies at mess hall after chow. Seen "Impatient Years". A good comedy. Hitting sack at 9 P.M. Still feel a bit sick.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1945 - Up at 7 A.M. Had breakfast then wrote 3 letters and read part of morning. After chow went to town of Coulommiers. Came back from Coulommiers and then they told me I am going to the front. Hitting the sack at midnite. Have to get up early tomorrow.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 1945 - Up at 6:30 A.M. had breakfast then packing to go to front. Finally took off at 9:30 A.M. I driving Maj. Cape aside Lt. Esptien, Yount in the back with trailer behind. Roads were full of ice and snow. Went Coulommiers then Chalons. Went thru the Argonne Woods then to Verdun and stop for the nite. Had a little fun in Verdun. HItting the sack around 10 P.M.

MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 1945 - Up at 6:15 A.M. Left the Hotel DeMetz. Preflighted the jeep and picked up the Maj & Lt. Maj driving. Left Verdun around 8 A.M. Went Etain then to Longway to Luxenburg. Went to B. Patton Hgrs. Was sent to Thoinville at Hgrs for nite. Tomorrow going to front. Seen U.S.O. here. Hitting the sack early.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 1945 - Up at 6:15. Had breakfast then went to garage and get jeep ready for front. Had briefing by a Colonel. Left Thionville at 10 A.M. Arrive Sierck-Nes-Bains before noon. After chow went up close to front to town of Nenning. Seen dead Germans in a building. Stop in town of Bresch before going to Nenning. Building in towns all damaged. Passed by Segfreid. Line. Came back around chow time. After chow time went to G-3. Seen messangers coming from front. Hitting the sack around 9:30. Sleeping on the floor.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1945 - Up at 7:15. Had breakfast then mark where to go. Preflighted job and etc. Left me mess kit Sierch. Took off about 10 A.M. Landed in Waldwisse right on German border. After chow went to a artilliary post of 4 guns. Seen them fire 105. After went to a light tank outfit was given a ride in a light tank. Quite a ride and jolt. After chow attended a movie. Had J.J.'s during the movie and 1/2 of nite. Slept on floor again in same room of two German prisoners interg.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1945 - Up at 7:15 A.M. Had breakfast, shave, washed, preflighted jeep. Took off from Waldwisse around 10 A.M. Got in Bombay around 11:30 A.M. Staying in a large house up on a hill with Laison air support outfit. After chow went to Saadantern. Fighting was going on in the town. Mortar & gun shells coming and going. Went thru houses in town, were all wreck. All civilians evacuated. Souviners. Back to Bombay around 5. Had chow listen to radio then hit the sack around 9:30 P.M. Sleeping on floor.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1945 - Up at 10:30 A.M. Had a rough breakfast. After chow went looking for ammo dump. Still in Bombay. After supper chow listen to radio. Play cribbage with Maj Cape & Lt Epstien. Hitting the sack around 11.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1945 - Up at 8:30 A.M. Took off for Metz around 9:30 A.M. Had cheese sandwiches while riding. Arrived in Metz around noon. Had cup of coffee and donuts at the Red Cross, besides playing billards with Red Cross girl. AFter chow went looking for front with Maj Cape & Lt Epstien & Yount. Came back could not find. Yount & I went also looking for it and found it. A huge place and damaged quite a bit. After chow went to have a beer or two. Came back to the sack and join up with another soldier. Ending up in the Sargents Club drinking champagne and cognac. Load of fun. Hitting the sack at midnite.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1945 - Up at 7:30 A.M. Had a breakfast. Jeep had a flat so had to fix it. Got to the Maj. & Lt around 10:30 A.M. Took a ride to the fort yesterday. After chow started off for Thionville. Arrived in Thionville around 3 P.M. Lived at Hotel and good mattress. A good room was heated. Hit the sack around 7:30 P.M.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1945 - Up at 9:45. Was ready to go back to camp. Started back to camp around 10:30 A.M. Had cheese sandwiches after buying bread in Verdun. Drove back from Chalons in. Got back in camp around 5 P.M. Maj made Lt. Col. Group ready to move. Hitting the sack at 10:30 P.M.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1945 - Had breakfast. Mailed package home. Tidy things up a little. Took shower after chow. Fix jeep, picked up rations. On next loading list. Writing letters in orderly room. Lites very poor in tent. Hitting the sack early.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1945 - The day I was injured and

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1945 - Page was cut out of my diary by person or persons unknown.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1945 - Still on my back and my brother still here. Drs.. deciding to put cast on my back. Maj & Dr. decided the negative. Very tiresome on your back. Brother left around 8 P.M.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1945 - Still on my back. About 1:30 p.m. was told was going to U.K. Was on train at 4:30 p.m. Pull out from St Lazerne at 6 p.m. at nite had 4 pills could not sleep, then was given shot in the arm, pain better but not sleepy.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1945 - Still on my back and still on a litter and on the hospital train. Hospital boat not in yet, looks like another day on this train. Eating only sandwiches, coffee, and dessert.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1945 - Still on my back and still on the train. About 4 o'clock, hosp. train unloaded and put on British Hosp. boat, on nice beds, was on cot for 48 hrs.

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 13, 1945 - Still on the boat, and on my back. Around 11 p.m. was taken off boat, put on train, where ???

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1945 - Up at 7 a.m. still on my back. Taken off train, put in ambulance, then in a hospital in Leominster, Eng.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1945 - X-Rays taken showed negetive. Italian Doctor in my ward. Had boards put under my thin mattress.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1945 - Still on my back. A boy, Don Previte came visit me a welcome friend, lived in East Boston, moved to Everett. Stood on corner Ferry and Chelsea Sts. Taken over to P.T. for heat and massage treatments..

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1945 - Still on my back, Don sure a friend to visit me, boost my morale quite a bit. P.T. treatment today.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1945 - Still on my back, go to latrine in wheel chair but can not stand, no P.T. treatment, they sure have pet in this ward.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1945 - Still on my back, my right side is bothering me, told doctor a while back, nothing yet. Don visit me last nite, sure good company. Went to P.T. treatment, did not feel good all night, side is sure kicking up on me. Came back to ward told Dr. about it. Came over and just then got a severe shock could not move at all except my head, taken 2 sleeping pills but not sleepy, but not sleepy at all, what next.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1945 - Still on my back, feel terrible to-day.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1945 - Feel a bit better to-day was not allowed to get out of bed to go to latrine.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1945 - Still on my back and latrine liberty still taken away.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1945 - Still on my back, feel terrible to-day.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1945 - Priest was in my ward this morning, went to confession and communion. Feel pretty fair to-day.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1945 - Still in bed on my back and boards still under mattress.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1945 - As usual, on my back. Right side not so good. Received L12 = $40 part payment.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1945 - Still in the hospital.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1945 - Feel a bit better to- day. A Dr. Casioppi for my ward doctor from La.

THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1945 - Still in bed. Drs. had cons. this afternoon. Started to smoke after 2 yrs.

FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1945 - On my back as yet. Anxious to know about outcome consultation of Drs.

SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1945 - Took my first steps to-day, help of Dr. Casioppi, and Miss Mack.

SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 - In bed yet.

MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1945 - In the 135th yet.

TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1945 - Am leaving to-morrow to where ??

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, 1945 - Enter the 96th Gen. Hosp.

THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1945 - In the 96th.

FRIDAY, MARCH 9, 1945 - In the 96th, starting to walk.

SATURDAY, MARCH 10, 1945 - In the 96th.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1945 - In the 96th.

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 1945 - In the 96th.

TUESDAY, MARCH 13, 1945 - In the 96th.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1945 - In the 96th.

THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 1945 - In the 96th.

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 1945 - In the 96th.

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 1945 - In the 96th.

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 1945 - In the 96th.

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 1945 - In the 96th.

TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 1945 - In the 96th. Left early in morning on train arrive at dock around noon. On heat in afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 1945 - Sailing for the good old United States on the S.S. Marine Robin, half strecher cases and walking patients.

THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 1945 - At sea and 3 meals a day with ice cream and milk.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1945 - Still at sea.

SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1945 - Still at sea, water rough.

SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 1945 - More sea.

MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1945 - Plenty to eat on the S.S. Marine Robin.

TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 1945 - Getting close to home.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 1945 - Weather very good and sea calm.

THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1945 - Very warm to-day.

FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 1945 - Like a summer day and getting very close to the states.

SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1945 - We dropped 10 or 11 ash cans to make sure no subs are following us.

SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 1945 - Saw the Statue of Liberty and kissed the good earth when I off the boat. THE END OF THIS.




Maj Parrett C.O. & Pilot San Antonio, Texas

Lt. Jones Nav.-Bomb

Capt. Salmen Pilot N. Orleans, LA

Maj. Coddington Pilot Charlotte N.C.

Maj. Cape Pilot Pasadena, CA

Lt. Epstien Nav-Bomb Chicago, IL

S/Sgt. Yount Air-Gun Conway, S.C.

S/Sgt. Siciliano Eng. Gun E. Boston, MA

Capt. Weiser Pilot Carmel, CA

Lt. Landon Nav-Bomb San Diego, CA

S/Sgt. Weiser Air-Gun Council Bluff, IA

S/Sgt. Herbert Eng. Gun Brazil, IN

Capt. Anderson Pilot Wagon Mound, NM

Lt. Riesman Nav-Bomb Vineland, NJ

S/Sgt. Lord Air-Gun Yalima, WA

S/Sgt. Gieger Eng. Gun Indiahoma, OK

Capt. Wethe Pilot West Point, NY

S/Sgt. Noren Eng. Gun Chicago, IL

S/Sgt. Pitts Air-Gun Peru, IN

Capt. Nicholson Pilot Eutait, WA

S/Sgt. Campbell Eng. Gun Hammond, IL

S/Sgt. Castorani Air-Gun Phila, PA

Capt. Furgerson Pilot Lakeland, FL

S/Sgt. Jackson Eng. Gun St. Paul, MN

S/Sgt. Appel Air-Gun Brooklyn, NY

Capt. Paulson Pilot

S/Sgt. Poettger Eng. Gun Yakima, WA

S/Sgt. Hanes Air-Gun Dayton, OH

Capt. Dale Pilot Coldspring, NY

S/Sgt. Bibeau Air-Gun Nashua, NH

S/Sgt. Frederick Eng. Gun Misbawaka, IN

Lt. Neff Pilot Lincoln, NE

S/Sgt. Doherty Air-Gun Hawden, CT

S/Sgt. Hayes Eng. Gun Hischton, GA

Lt. Beanway Pilot Yates Center, KS

S/Sgt. Helm Eng. Gun Hartford City, IN

S/Sgt. Durling Air-Gun Fitchburg, MA

Lt. Bickley Pilot Mound, MN

S/Sgt. Whitehurst Eng. Gun Monterey Park, CA

S/Sgt. Miller Air-Gun Dexter, OH

Lt. Goodchild Pilot Derry, NH

S/Sgt. Sandford Eng. Gun Port Harbor, OH

S/Sgt. Preston Air-Gun Chicago, IL

Lt. Clark Pilot Duquesue, PA

S/Sgt. Sample Air-Gun Providence, RI

S/Sgt. Pelletier Eng. Gun Webster, MA

Lt. Cross Pilot Long Beach, CA

S/Sgt. Sheatzley Eng. Gun Canton, MA

S/Sgt. Lecture Air-Gun Chicago, IL

Lt. Robinson Pilot

S/Sgt. Cravens Air-Gun Seattle, WA

S/Sgt. Schendel Eng. Gun Cleveland, OH

Lt. McSwain Pilot Shelby, NC

S/Sgt. Nailen Eng. Gun Birmingham, AL

S/Sgt. Della Posta Air-Gun Jamica, NY


This true journal tells you only a small part of what the World War II veterans had to endure. There were over 16 million World War II veterans, more than 400,000 of them payed the supreme sacrifice, so that all of us can enjoy the freedom we have today.

They are elderly now, in their 70's and 80's, and everyday you see their names in the obituary pages of the newspapers. They are a generation that worked hard to gain astonishing achievements. All in all, they happened to be a remarkably self-efficient generation. We are gradually losing a great generation of people that will be sorely missed, but I can promise you they will never be forgotten.

Before they are all gone, I urge the younger generation to look into the eyes of a World War II veteran, and try to see the physical and mental pain they went through so that you could have the freedom you enjoy today.

I once heard an Admiral on an aircraft carrier ask one of his officers, as the plane was taken off; "Where do these brave men come from; day after day they fly into combat, never a word from them; they just go and do their job and never know if they will be coming back; I don't understand?"

That question should be asked about every veteran who served, because we should all be saying "How did they do it and continue to serve day after day." To endure the pain and suffering they did is very hard to comprehend by anyone who did not serve. They do not talk about it. If they do, you will not hear them complain. They had a job to do and they did it and did it well.

As for where these men came from, it is easy to answer that question. The good Lord knew a job had to be done and he sent these men to do it. They did it well, better than well. The people who lost loved ones in World War II should not grieve. I know that the good Lord welcomed them with open arms, and had a special place in his heart for them. So grieve no more. They have and are still being well taken care of by GOD.

This journal was about an airman attached to the 9th Air Force in Europe. They did their job day after day. He lost many comrades in arms, but he must remember God welcomed them to heaven, to a special air field where there is no more pain or anguish; just happiness and joy. So, again, I say do not grieve anymore; they are happy.

He must also know that he will be losing more of his fighting friends, day after day; but that is the way the Lord made life. He and his friends should have no fear as they pass on. They must know, as I do, God has reserved a special place for them. They will see the most beautiful airfield they have ever seen. Their planes will be all new and shiny. All their flights will be milk runs, no guns, cold, rain, ice, bombs, flak, fighter planes; just peaceful flights over beautiful water and land. There will be no roar from the engines; just a quiet purr and the most beautiful sky they have ever seen, bluest sky, and fluffy white clouds, and sunshine every flight.

The men of the 9th Air Force will all be together again someday, because God has said that is the way it should be. The men will rejoice at the reunion and be free from their physical and mental pain they have had for so long. So have no fear, God will wait for you and take care of all of you.

I would make one request of you men, when you leave. When your crew is on their first flight, be sure to have your pilot fly the plane straight into the bright, bright sky; for that is where God is waiting for you to be sure you have everlasting peace.

God Bless All Of You and Thank You!!

Frank Harvey


Typed By:

Lori Blodgett

Frank Harvey

Theresa Harvey

Lori Harvey

Technical Advisor: Bruce Sauvageau

Research by: Nancy Sauvageau

Theresa Harvey

Interpreted by: Frank Harvey


Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth

Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things

You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung

High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,

I've chased the shouting wind along and flung

My eager craft through footless halls of air.

Up, up the long delirious, burning blue

I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,

Where never lark, or even eagle, flew;

And while with silent, lifting mind I've trod

The high, untrespassed sanctity of space,

Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

John Gillespie Magee, Jr.,

nineteen-year-old Canadian Air Force pilot, killed in action in 1941

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